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CF Montréal Suffer Defeat at Home, Austin Win 1-0

A rough day at Stade Saputo.

MLS: Austin FC at CF Montreal Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

A massively disappointing result at home and with the injury to Djordje Mihailovic, made all the worse. Montréal failed to show enough to win despite a man advantage and possession dominance for large stretches of the game.

Wilfried Nancy’s team failed to replace the creative force that is MIha and it bit them in the end.

The loss signals a drop from top three in the East, making the return from international break a disappointing one. Let’s hope they can get healthy for the next one and make a run before it’s all said and done.

3 observations

  • No Kone at the start impacted a great deal. Miljevic was not enough and Kone could have been a spark all game instead of just a half.
  • No Miller made it difficult for the team, leadership and shape wise, Miller usually has the team in top shape. His absence was felt greatly.
  • Striker is still an issue as Quioto and Kamara can’t score frequently enough. Could make with a new one or formation change to highlight solid wingers/creatives.


MTL – GK-Breza; D-Corbo, Camacho, Waterman; M-Brauit-Guillard, Wanyama, Choiniere, Piette, Miljevic, Torres; F-Kamara

AFC – GK-Stuver; D-Gallagher, Gabrielsen, Cascante, Jimenez; M-Pereira, Ring, Fagundez, Driussi, Wolff; F-Urruti


AFC – Urruti 67’