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Is it time for Maxime Crépeau to get a start with the Montreal Impact?

Has the time come to give Maxime Crépeau a start? I know this seems a little out of the blue, but why not? It’s not like Bush is making exceptional saves left right and center to keep us in games. In fact, Bush’s poor decision making with the ball at his feet, cost us a goal versus Atlanta. The Ohio native has always struggled with his kicks. Modern soccer demands keepers to have more and more abilities with the ball at their feet and Bush does not have those abilities.

This year, Bush has made the saves that you would expect any professional keeper to make, but nothing more. He has yet to make a wow save this year, a save that lifts fans out of their seats and motivates his teammates. Yes, he has made some impressive saves in the past, but the past is the past. We must look towards the future and, between the posts, that future is Maxime Crépeau.

The 22 year old has been around the club for a number of years now and this year, he was promoted to the first team to replace the aging Erik Kronberg. I believe, with Evan Bush turning in average performances, it is the perfect time to give the promising Crépeau a few first team reps. Crépeau already has some top-level experience. Last year, he started in a friendly for Canada versus the USA. During that match, the Longueil native was extremely solid and impressed many. I am hoping that he will be able to reproduce what he did during that friendly on a constant basis for IMFC. If he can, Crépeau has the ability to be an instant difference maker for the Impact. If Crépeau starts and struggles, it will still serve as a reminder to Bush that there are other options and that he needs to continue to push himself and improve if he wants to keep on starting. Either way, it’s a win for the Impact.

So, why don’t we give Crépeau his chance between the posts?