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Didier Drogba could be heading to Marseille

Will Drogba return to Marseille after 12 years?

The 38-year-old striker is still a free agent ever since he left the Montreal Impact and there have been many rumors that he might return to his first pro team he ever played for, l'Olympique de Marseille.

Didier Drogba performance with Marseille 12 years ago prompted his move to Chelsea FC and ever since then he never returned.

In an interview with Canal Football Club, Didier said that “it was always a thought in my mind to return to Marseille for the past 12 years, but a move to Marseille did not depend on me alone. Didier also said that he still hoped to keep his promise to return to the French club. Didier Drogba feels like it. "It can be done, we just have to take the time, but it is not going to be done by shouting it on rooftops. " he said.

Didier has yet announced his retirement from Football and with his recent denial of the Corinthians contract, it could mean he might be considering a move to France. It would be a nice ending to a fantastic career, to play for the team you first played for.