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Transfer News: Chilean midfielder Jeisson Vargas acquired and loaned out by IMFC

According to reports out of Italy, 18-year-old Chilean rising star Jeisson Vargas was bought by the Montréal Impact/Bologna at the end of last month:

According to the mostly reliable site Transfermarkt, Vargas was transferred to FC Montréal (I assume they mean IMFC) on July 31st from CD Universidad Católica for a fee of €2.78 million.

On August 1 (the next day), he was subsequently loaned out to Estudiantes De La Plata of the Argentinian Premier league for a fee of €600 thousand.

If these reports are true, this is a nice bit of business by the Montréal Impact. Vargas is a highly touted prospect, who plays as an attacking right midfielder.

In 8 games for CD Universidad Católica of the Primera División Clausura (Chilean Premier League), Vargas tallied 2 goals and 3 assists.

It is unclear how long Vargas will stay in Argentina, or whether or not he will go to Bologna or IMFC at the end of his loan. Either way, It appears as though the Montréal Impact have added an excellent asset to their ranks.

Stay tuned for more details.