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Report: Matteo Mancosu to the Montreal Impact

32-year old Italian striker seems to be on his way to Montreal.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Knowing that both Bologna fc and the Montreal Impact share a common owner in Joey Saputo, it's only a matter of time until that synergy would yield player personnel making the switch.

After initial reports that Marco Donadoni, Bologna's coach, has his eyes on Lucas Ontivero, it is now the Impact that is looking to get an (ex) Bologna player into the fold.

A report and follow-up by Nilton Jorge at Kan Football Club is saying that Matteo Mancosu will be imminently joining the Impact,  pending MLS approval.

The 32-year old striker seems to be a journeyman in Italy's lower divisions and joined Bologna when it was relegated in Serie B.Though the club's needs are also in the midfield, the depth chart at the striker position is worrisome when you look at the gap after you cross Didier Drogba's name.

Relatively unknown, Mancosu seems to have experience but his CV does not necessarily say much on his potential fit in Mauro Biello's system and needs.

Stay tuned for more.