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Didier Drogba’s plays the Hero again to defeat the LA Galaxy in a 3-2 thriller

Lucas Ontivero, Ignacio Piatti and Didier Drogba help to lift the Impact over the LA Galaxy for their first win at Stade Saputo this season

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

In what seemed like an unwinnable game prior to kick off, the undermanned Impact took the game to the Galaxy and came threw with a victory in thrilling fashion.

Seeing the starting lineup one hour before kick off, immediate attention was drawn to the starting back line, which to put lightly, was not the greatest a competitive MLS side would like to field, especially against a strong side such as the LA Galaxy.

However, as the game wore on, the team seemed to take the "bend, but don't break" mentality and were able to come away with a win.

Man of the Match: Lucas Ontivero

Finally coach Mauro Biello put him where I thought he would be most effective, and finally did he have his most impressive game.

Many of the MRS writers, as well as myself, have been speculating for weeks now that Ontivero's best spot in the starting XI would be right behind hulking striker Didier Drogba.

Call it a Central Attacking Midfielder, or call it a hybrid Center Forward, putting him in a position where he was directly in front of the net and use his uber playmaking talent with Didier up front, would be, and was incredibly successful.

All game he was what some would call an "Energizer Bunny", constantly moving, and attempting plays to attain scoring chances. The first half featured chance after chance coming off of his foot, until finally in the second he was able to score a beautiful goal to put the team up, even if only for a short while.

If I had one non-impressive thing to add, it would be to improve his conditioning, as it seemed as the game wore on, Ontivero began to run less and less. But this is a fixable issue, between training and proper utilization of substitutions.

Honorable Mention: Kyle Fisher

Seeing Fisher featured in the Starting eleven, not in his natural position, making his first start, against the LA Galaxy, the negatives seemed to continue piling up.

In what seemed a hurricane of negatives, Fisher was able to come out looking like an absolute star in the making.

If one came to the game not knowing anything about previous lineups, or previous experiences of the players, they would think Fisher was an MLS veteran. Playing wise beyond his years, Fisher was a rock on the defensive side of the ball, and attempted to get involved on the offensive side, which is great for a player making his first start.

I would like to see more starts from Fisher before proclaiming anything for his future, but as of right now, it looks like the Impact have their reserve full back behind Oyongo and Toia for the rest of the season. Impressive debut.

Most Surprising Performance: Centerback Tandem of Wandrille Lefevre and Hassoun Camara

With the news last week that Laurent Ciman had been selected to the 25 man Belgium squad for the European Championships in France, the immediate reaction for many Impact fans was negative, thinking our back line was doomed without the defensive player of the year in MLS. Add to this that other starting centerback Victor Cabrera was injured, and one would think that playing the LA Galaxy would result in a blowout loss.

However, Camara and Lefevre defied all odds and played a fantastic game together. Both have played previously this season, but have also had Ciman there to help mask some mistakes, or at least what seemed to be mistakes.

Throughout the game, Camara and Lefevre showed great chemistry amongst one another, shutting down the vaunted LA Galaxy attack, outside of two bizarre instances.

Fantastic performance, showing how much depth the Impact have along the backline.

Most Disappointing Performance: Evan Bush

Bush had a rough night, there is no denying that.

The bizarre first goal, the "missed" kick, and horrible dead ball kicks. Nothing went well for Bush.

The first goal, blame it on Bush, or blame it on Maxim TIssot, the goalkeeper has the responsibility of making sure he comes down with the ball, and he should have shown more initiative. Atleast Bush seemed to fix this problem as the game wore on, as a eerily similar play in the second half had Bush colliding with many players in order to secure the ball.

The other issues have been a problem for Bush his entire career, however, they seem to be becoming a more rare occurrence, which is a positive sign.

Let's chalk this one up to a off night for the normally incredibly steady goalkeeper.

But that's just one man's opinion, let me know yours by tweeting @javiergonz1994 or by leaving a comment below!

Man of the Match Awards -€” Thus Far

Laurent Ciman -€” 3

Ignacio Piatti -€” 3

Didier Drogba -€” 2

Kyle Bekker -€” 1

Lucas Ontivero -€” 1

N/A -€” 1

Additional Notes:

Fantastic atmosphere at Stade Saputo, almost felt like a playoff game.

Fans of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard were out in full force for the game, cheering his introduction at the beginning of the game.

Didier Drogba is a legend, no other way to put it.