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How to recover from a humiliating loss to Toronto FC?

It's like the Hangover but there is no mattress, no Las Vegas hotel and no chinese mobster called Leslie Chow.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Losing at home hurts even more when you lose to a bitter rival. The Impact's 2-0 loss to Toronto FC was not only indicative of the Reds' dominance but of the Bleu-Blanc-Noir's ineptitude to muster some any kind of rhythm at Stade Saputo. A few experts from Mount Royal Soccer give their take on how to recover from this loss in their own way.

Matthew Bouchard : The Jose Mourinho of bloggers

Formation and lineup - Sit Alexander, putting Shipp in the middle next to Donadel, Piatti out wide. Bekker or Bernier in middle, just ahead of Shipp and Donadel. Bring Drogba back to aid in transition, and let Oyongo know he has full freedom on the right. There is a lack of creativity and movement on and ahead of the ball, Biello needs to break the structure a bit, reintroduce the natural flow of the game.

Christoper Ralph : History buff

It was a single game, and is not indicative of anything. Montréal have a better record in the Amway Canadian Championship, the CONCACAF Champions League and in the MLS Playoffs. I will only be worried if Toronto are still competitive in August, and haven't fired a coach or two in that time. Luckily, history is on my side.

(Side note: I was going to talk about how "all for one" is a total rip-off of Alexandre Dumas, but decided against it. I truly do dislike everything about TFC).

John Richan : All about the chicken

Last weekend was hard to watch but everyone needs to take a deep breathe. My recommendation for recovering from the humiliating loss to TFC? The fried chicken and pickle burrito at the Ice House off Blvd. St. Laurent. On to NYCFC!

Sofiane Benzaza : K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I love the Impact's potential to be dominant team in MLS. But between 2012 and the 2016 MLS playoffs, the club has proven to neither have some kind of consistency in its style (see head coach changes) or that it can be a dominant team in à La Sporting Kansas City. Being dominant is almost futile when it comes to the MLS playoffs as the Portland Timbers have proven. How to recover from this hangover? Keep it simple with quick plays and counter-attacking even at home while you work on a more collective style of play and really solidify the relationships between players on the field.