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Armchair Javier - Strong TFC Side Dominate the Impact

TFC turned in a dominant performance, stifling the Impact from doing anything relevant all game

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Ouph. That was a tough pill to swallow.

The Montreal Impact of 2016 have been one of two things, incredibly fun to watch, or incredibly frustrating. Today was one of those incredibly frustrating days. In all facets of the game, Toronto FC looked the better team. There was no cohesion at any of the three levels, which is ultimately the reason we lost today.

There are not many positives one can draw from a game like today, just take the loss and move on to the next one would be my suggestion for the club.

Even the greatest of teams sometimes lay an egg, let's just hope we bounce back Wednesday versus NYCFC.

Man of the Match: Not Applicable

Today's game had no one step up into the spotlight and hold MVP honors.

Evan Bush made an incredible save in the first half, but outside of that was ordinary.

The backline displayed a very surprising lack of cohesion all game. I am not sure if this can be attributed to Camara leaving the game so early, and having a non-battle tested Maxim Tissot enter the game, however, the backline should be much better then this.

The Midfield combination of Donadel and Alexander just wasn't working at the beginning of the game. Likely due to Donadel's extended absence, the duo lacked chemistry and struggled to find a good pace. Thankfully, when Patrice Bernier came into the game, the team seemed to find a little bit of a footing. Looks like we can use some more tinkering in this area.

As for the attacking midfielders, I'll cover that in the next section.

Before we move on, can we all agree that Didier Drogba is scary good at soccer?

Giovinco is talented and makes my heart race a little bit, but Drogba would scare me if I were the opposition. Every time he touches the ball, it looks like something is about to happen.

Most Surprising: Toronto FC Shut Down Piatti and Company

Where were the attacking midfielders all game?

From a front three that had shown attacking prowess thus far into the Montreal Impact season, I expected much more in a Derby match against our most hated rivals.

Today, the most dangerous option was Dominic Oduro. That should say it all in and of itself.

Credit goes to Toronto FC and their coaching staff for devising a game plan to stop our attack. It worked flawlessly.

Most Disappointing; Victor Cabrera

What can I say, even the most steady players some times have a tough time.

Victor Cabrera has been rock solid beside Laurent Ciman this year, but had a very tough time dealing with Giovinco and company today. Of course, that is a very difficult assignment, with Giovinco being the best player in MLS, but it Cabrera did have a visibly difficult time today.

I chalk this up to him facing a great opposition in Giovinco, rather then his ineptitude, as some Impact fans on twitter had been saying. I hope he stays in the lineup against NYCFC.

But that's just one man's opinion, let me know yours by tweeting @javiergonz1994 or leaving a comment down below.

Man of the Match Awards - Thus Far

Laurent Ciman - 2

Ignacio Piatti - 2

Kyle Bekker - 1

N/A - 1

Additional Notes

MLS referees are at it again. This one was exceptionally bad, both ways.

What a beautiful day at Saputo today. Hopefully the weather stays like that for every game!