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Impact vs New York City FC : Q & A with NYCFC Nation

The Montreal Impact will be looking to bounce back quickly against New York City FC in the wake of a humiliating home defeat against rivals Toronto FC last weekend.

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The Montreal Impact will be looking to rebound after a tough loss to bitter rivals Toronto FC last weekend. On Wednesday night the Impact will travel to the Big Apple to take on David Villa and New York City FC. With a condensed schedule this week, Mauro Biello could rotate the squad and put some new players into the starting lineup.

With lots to talk about Mount Royal Soccer has turned towards our friends at NYCFC Nation to get some perspective on the Montreal - New York matchup.

1. Going into their second MLS season, what is the general feeling around the club to start to the 2016? Is there a belief that the club can make the playoffs this season?

At the beginning of the season most fans believed the sky was the limit with this team, especially after that first game in Chicago. Since that game, people have been more open with their worrying. While many still believe we can make the playoffs because it is very early on in the season, and even teams like Columbus and the Red Bulls are struggling, we are primarily focused on winning a game. We're currently on a six game win-less streak and before we even think about playoffs we have to pick up three points. There are still lingering nightmares about last year's 11 game win-less streak.

2. After hearing a lot of negative commentary surrounding Pirlo in 2015, how has he adjusted to the club early this season? Do the NYCFC supporters have his back? and does he pose a serious threat against the Impact on Wednesday evening?

Pirlo has been surprisingly lively this year. Vieira has gotten more out of Pirlo defensively than any other manager has in years. The supporters love him undoubtedly, as you'll see at Yankee Stadium whenever he lines up to take a corner. It hasn't been all sunshine and roses for Andrea however, his free kicks seem amateur at times and not what we have come to expect from him, he also seems to struggle on the small field at Yankee Stadium because he and his teammates don't have enough room to roam.

You'd be a fool to think he doesn't pose a threat, he can still pick a pass better than anyone else, placing a ball on the foot of a winger from midfield. If NYCFC's front three get past their defenders, expect Pirlo to sit back and try to get the ball over the top.

3. Who is one player that the Impact backline will have to pay a little extra attention to on Wednesday?

NYCFC has relied very heavily on David Villa, so they'd be smart to pay attention to him. If they do control him, then I'd say keep an eye on Thomas McNamara. He's has the power and accuracy to score from distance and always seems to be in the right place in the box. 

Lineup prediction and score prediction:

Predicted lineup: (4-3-3) Johansen, Matarrita, Brillant, Hernandez, Iraola, McNamara, Pirlo, Diskerud, Mendoza, Villa, Taylor.

Score: 1-1 draw

*A big thanks to NYCFC Nation for taking the time to contribute to this article.