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Montreal Impact passes 9500 season tickets sold : Record for the club

The Impact is 500 shy from hitting the symbolic and important mark of 10,000 season tickets.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After passing the 9000 mark just a week ago, the Montreal Impact just announced that it has passed the 9500 mark in season tickets. It is a club record for the young MLS franchise ( joined the league in 2012) that is finally reaping the rewards of a better product on the field, bigger media presence and taking advantage of the Didier Drogba buzz.

Richard Legendre , Executive Vice-President, Strategic Development and Communications, is happy about the positive vibe to kick start the 2016 season and reinforces his recurring point that '' this is yet another proof that interest for the Impact is growing''

There was never a doubt whether Montrealers and Quebecers play and like soccer. And we can bring out the numbers of amateur soccer licenses, clubs, academies and more. But there was never a strong correlation with the popularity of the game that you play and actually spending your money to watch professional soccer.

The hard work is paying off for the Impact that not only needs to reinforce its fan base but also make sure that the Bleu-Blanc-Noir brand is part of the sports culture of a city and province that breathes Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, the Montreal Canadiens.