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Weekly Bites #4: Bernie Sounders and the 'Broken Man'

Here are your Weekly Bites on the Impact and news from around the league, including links on the Bakary Soumare debacle, the Laurent Ciman's reaction to the Brussels attack, and...the Seattle Sounders backing Bernie Sanders.

Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

Every Friday/Saturday, I’ll be posting a quick recap of the previous week’s mentions of the squad and anything else Impact related. Some of you actually have to work, rather than crawl the interwebs looking for the faintest mention of Marco Donadel’s Charlie-Brown-like bad luck, or Laurent Ciman’s always-rumored-but-never-witnessed happy face. So, I do it for you.

Guys, I missed you. Man, it's been a long two weeks. How am I, as merely a mortal man, going to be able to recap everything that has happened? Simple! Cut out a bunch of important things! I also had to cut out a long diatribe on synthetic surfaces...Ah, who am I kidding! OF COURSE I INCLUDED IT!

Here we go, these are your weekly bites:

  • I'm gonna start off with the elephant in the room: Bakary Soumare. I've had a lot of time to take in what happened this past week, and spoke to many other analysts in order to figure out how to feel about it all. Basically, for those who missed it, former Impact defender Bakary Soumare did an interview on Tony Marinaro's TSN690 show (the interview has been removed from In that interview, he went on a wild storytelling rant, launching accusations at many members of the Impact front office, Nick DeSantis in particular. The interview was all over the place. Within days, he was served a Cease & Desist letter by the Impact, and he did what any other reasonable person would do...he posted it on Twitter. Then, as any lawyer would surely suggest, called a press conference on a layover in Montréal to face the city's media, only to continue the same longwinded and rambling accusations. Now, Soumare has obviously been dealing with significant issues in recent times, posting an emotional letter on Facebook about his (supposedly self-diagnosed) autism. It also goes without saying that he must also be dealing with consequences of a significant concussion her suffered last year that forced his retirement. This situation is sad, and as a CBC Montreal writer tweeted from the presser, Soumare came across as a 'broken man'. At MRS, we're having a hard time figuring this one out, and want nothing to do with criticizing a man who perhaps shouldn't be in front of a mic at this point in his life. Could his accusations have merit? Perhaps. The team has often been criticized as lacking transparency, and being a family operation. However, what concerns us more is that the league and team did not step in after his concussion to follow up and act as a support for a former player. Here are the articles worth reading about the situation, it's hard to make heads or tails of it. We think he just really needs someone to talk to. [RDS][RDS][RDS][LaPresse][JdeM][LeFooteur]
  • On another sad note, Laurent Ciman was asked to respond to the terrible terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels (Didier Drogba was another player who had to deal with turmoil in his home country just the week before). After being left off the Belgian side for the Portugal friendly over the weekend, he also took a hard shot in training and was on crutches for several days. He still looks like he will start this weekend in Seattle, however. [RDS][ESPN]
  • Wandrille Lefevre. Here's a nice piece on the Impact defender, and why his parents gave him such a difficult name to pronounce. [Citizen]
  • Still can't tell if this is an early April Fools joke, but this blog seems to be saying that the Seattle Sounders have backed the campaign of Bernie Sanders. They want to 'Feel the Bern' by blasting off their fire cannons, and we can only assume will change their name temporarily to the Seattle Sanders'. Or will he change to Bernie Sounders? WHY HAVE WE NOT THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?! [Nutmeg]
  • The Canadian national mens team faced off in a home & away WC Qualifying series against Mexico the past two weeks, and frankly put up a lacklustre performance in both; downed 3-0 at home in front of 50,000 strong, and 2-0 in front of a packed Azteca. They'll have to get their scoring together in order to make it to the Hex. Our U20's took the trip for a friendly against England, and frankly, whooped their ass! Look at these goals! Call these guys up to solve our top team scoring woes, and we might have something here. [Sportsnet]
  • Two weeks ago, the Impact were served a slightly ugly loss by FC Dallas; they looked soft and disinterested. Let's not panic! But here are a couple of summaries about the match, mostly the fault of mid and defensive shortcomings. PSA: Always believe everything Lloyd Barker tells you. [RDS][MRS][LloydBarker]
  • Several great storylines going into the Seattle Sounders showdown tonight. Are the Sounders dead in the water? Are they going to come out firing and destroy the Impact while we are still getting our chemistry together? What does it mean for Seattle, and for Montreal, if we beat them in their own house? The tension is overwhelming! John Richan of MRS has a great 3 questions with Sounders@Heart too. [FanSided][SeattleTimes][JdeM][MRS][MRS]
  • Is Piatti the Messi of the MLS?! he's not. But he's the top in the league right now, AND HE'S STILL OL' NOODLE LEGS TO US!! [MRS]
  • Anyone else realizing all of the local media content this week? The Habs are officially out of the playoffs, and finally the Montréal and Quebec media are directing their attention to the Impact. I've never seen as much coverage as I have the past two weeks. That's a great thing.
  • Didier Drogba will not start in Seattle, as his fear of turf remains constant. In our backroom conversations, the MRS writing staff had a long exchange about nanoparticles. Supposedly, new turf that sits on a layer of silver nanoparticles could solve the problem of knee injuries on the sinister synthetic surface. A golf course has tested it out, and turns out the impact and 'give' of the surface is greatly improved with the nanoparticle surface below. Fascinating...The Seattle surface has had rave reviews from their own players, and but that doesn't mean we'll get to see the king in action. [Sounders][Sounder@Heart][RDS]

  • Didier Drogba, adapting to Montréal pretty well, it seems:
  • Lastly, the Impact have released a call out for artists to take part in a huge art/marketing project with the city's creative minds. I want to see Montreal Impact murals around the city, get on it people:
  • Impact Media sat down with Hassoun Camara:

And those are your Weekly Bites! See you tonight at either viewing party at Frappé on St Laurent, or at the Van Horne Cafe Bistro. Enjoy the match!