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Armchair Javier – Disappointing Team Performance by the Montreal Impact against FC Dallas

While Impact fans have no reason to be dejected about the most recent defeat, it was still a disappointing performance from the team

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Well it was fun while it lasted. The Impact come back home from Dallas sporting a 2-0 loss, marking the first blemish to their record this season. Although fans would have been foolish to expect the team to finish with a perfect record on the season, the performance from the team did leave a lot to be desired. Coming off of two dominant displays against very good opponents, the Impact came out flat against Dallas, showing no urgency until going down a goal.

Almost as if instructed to play for the 0-0 draw, it did not inspire confidence in the team while watching as a fan. While disappointed in the work rate, it is very difficult to be upset with taking six points from three games against very tough opponents, without Drogba. I look forward to seeing this team against weaker opposition, to regain that confidence.

Man of the Match: Laurent Ciman

Some of you may be wondering how I could possibly choose a defender as Man of the Match in a game that ended in a 2-0 loss. Well, to be perfectly honest, neither of those two goals were really the fault of our defense. The first goal was an absolutely wonderful free kick, going up and down into the net before Evan Bush, or any viewer could even see the ball. The second goal, and I hate to hate on the officials even more then I already did last week, should have never happened, as Venegas was blatantly tripped just outside the box, which would have given us a quality chance.

The entire game, the FC Dallas was sputtering to get any actual chance on goal. Ciman, and his running mate, Victor Cabrera handled every attack with ease, cutting off passes on the ground, and even intercepting passes through the air. Very little was able to get passed Ciman, and once Dallas realized it, they began adjusting by trying to take shots from way outside the box, resulting in very little.

Dominant performance from the centerback tandem this week, especially Ciman. I feel privileged to have him on our team as a non-DP.

Honorable Mentions: Victor Cabrera

If not for the absolute dominant play of Laurent Ciman, Cabrera would’ve been the MOTM. Displaying wonderful chemistry with Ciman, Cabrera is the brawn to Ciman’s brain manning the backline. These two were really the only bright spots found from the game.

Most Surprising Performance: Lack of Midfield Fluidity

Can we all agree on one thing: We Miss Marco Donadel. The drop off from Donadel to Callum Mallace, is equivalent to the difference between Star Wars Episode V and Star Wars Episode I. To those of you that didn’t catch that reference, one is awesome, and the other one is terrible. I’ll let you figure out which one is which.

Does Callum know what sport he’s playing? Does he recognize that this sport requires the activity of running? Maybe even a slight jog? Seriously, how many times did you catch Mr. Mallace just standing in place, or just watching, dispite being caught upfield. Just brutal.

My disdain for Mallace aside, there was absolutely zero service to the front four. While Alexander was able to carry the ineptitude of Mallace against the Red Bulls, on Saturday night,  he couldn’t do it alone and was in need of a running mate. Please come back soon Marco.

Most Disappointing Performance: Hassoun Camara

Watching Hassoun Camara get beat on every play made me long for the days of Nigel Reo-Coker playing right back for us. That should say it all.

Man of the Match Awards – Thus Far

Ignacio Piatti – 2

Laurent Ciman - 1

But that’s just one man’s opinion, let me know yours by tweeting @javiergonz1994

Additional Notes:

Was there anybody actually in attendance at the stadium? I could barely hear anybody cheering. Maybe it was the telecast.

Very questionable choices for substitutions when down and needing goals.

Why is Callum Mallace still in the starting XI. Paging Kyle Bekker. Paging Kyle Bekker.

Apologies for the late post this week, University examinations taking place. Back on schedule next week!