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Armchair Javier – Impact Get Back on Track versus Columbus Crew

After a scoreless last few match days, the Impact finally found their scoring touch against the Crew

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After two scoreless games against FC Dallas and the Seattle Sounders, the Impact finally broke through, with goals from Hassoun Camara (!) and Kyle Bekker. The front four showed cohesiveness throughout the entire game, only missing the finishing touch from a striker.

All game, the Impact moved the ball towards the box, only to be thwarted by the non finishing touch of Dominic Oduro. The team is ready for the arrival of Didier.

Man of the Match: Laurent Ciman

Is there anything I could say in this space that you haven't already heard?

Laurent Ciman. The General. St. Laurent. MLS Best Defender.

These are all names that our number 23 goes by. Each and every game, I find myself struggling to not make Ciman the Man of the Match. That's how important he is to this team. Win or lose, he rarely makes mistakes, and is always around the ball.

The man orchestrates everything from the back line. Outside of the obvious command over the backline, with his trademark yelling at his partners to be in the right spot, Ciman is also often the beginning of the passing tree from the defensive third.

Laurent Ciman is a special player, one all Impact fan's should appreciate for the absolute master class he displays on a weekly basis. I look forward to watching more of his dominant play the rest of the season.

Honorable Mention: Hassoun Camara

I very nearly put Camara as my Man of the Match today. He scored a wonderful goal, played very well defensively, and even showed off some of his dabbing skill.

However, what made me decided against awarding him the Man of the Match was the noticeable improvement when Oyongo replaced him on the right side of the pitch. As soon as Oyongo came in, the right side of the field felt much more cohesive, suggesting Camara did not make as much of an "Impact" as previously thought.

After giving Hassoun a rough time in this series in previous weeks, he has really risen his level of play, showing me, as well as many other Impact fans that he is in fact capable of being a spot starter at the full back position. Very important to have depth on the defensive line.

Most Surprising: Continued Success of Kyle Bekker

Kyle Bekker has looked great in the two starts he has been given. Being used in a more offensive holding midfield role since being inserted into the starting lineup, he has displayed great passing ability, and today contributed on the score sheet when allowed to push even further upfield.

It will be interesting if he is left in the Starting XI when Marco Donadel returns from injury. My guess is he will be left on the bench, however he does deserve to stay there.

Callum Mallace off the bench today in a more defensive role was very reliable. I hope he continues to come off of the bench when having leads. This is where he is most valuable to the team.

Biggest Disappointment: Dominic Oduro

This team needs a finisher at the striker position. Oduro, is not that, and not for lack of trying.

"Freaky Fast" Oduro, is just that, a blur on the field. The man is so fast, that I sometimes feel his legs are moving at a rate that his brain cannot keep up with. To be fair, he is not a true striker, and has yet to develop the all important finishing touch a truly dominant striker needs.

I look forward to the returns of Drogba, and Porter, as well as the continued showcasing of Andrew Jackson- Hamel at the striker position.The team has no issue getting the ball to the box, only failing directing the ball to the net. That's when a true stiker is needed.

But that's just one man's opinion, let me know yours by tweeting @javiergonz1994, or by leaving a comment down below

Man of the Match Awards - Thus Far

Ignacio Piatti - 2

Laurent Ciman - 2

Kyle Bekker - 1

Additional Notes:

Kudos to the Referee from today's game. Did a fantastic job. I hope this level of refereeing becomes the norm for the rest of the season.

I am incredibly thankful that this was the last game at the Big O. The stadium feels so impersonal even with 22000 people strong. You can't help but be sucked out of atmosphere in that building. STADE SAPUTO WOO

Lucas Ontivero with his best game as an Impact player thus far. Very splashy plays. I can't help but feel that he would be the perfect sub, with his energy against tired defenders in the last 25-30 minutes of the game. Could be lethal.