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New York Red Bulls vs Montreal Impact : What really happened

You think you know the result between the Impact and the Red Bulls?

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Montreal Impact's friendly preseason game against the New York Red Bulls was played on a Thursday morning, as both head coaches were working on implementing their strategies and vision of the game in a real-game situation. To be able to see as much of the players on hand, both teams agreed to play 3 mini-games of 45 minutes each.

The Impact's starting eleven, all 3 of them, were as follows

Formation #1 : Waiting for Drogba

Formation #2 : Mix & Match

Formation #3 : Let the kids plays, like all of them

As both MLS clubs shared as many story lines as goals scored. Were goals really scored?

If i solely base myself on both club's high quality game highlights, I could definitely be living 2 distinct experiences

Experience #1: Red Bulls trash and destroy Montreal

Montreal keeps a clean sheet against the Red Bulls