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Fans react to the Montreal Impact jersey

After weeks of anticipation, the club unveiled its new kit

Love it or hate it, the Montreal Impact's new home kit is here to stay (until next season). The lead up to the new kit though is the real story, as both players (or so we thought for a moment) and supporters alike were tricked into believing a glorified practice jersey would be the club's new jersey.

Alas, fashion sense prevailed and the clubs real kit was revealed, to a chorus of cheers and social media reaction. In the solid ten minutes of searching I did for fan reactions, I came to the conclusion that the general sentiment towards the jerseys was one of substantial love and appreciation.

Ok, maybe the emotions felt weren't that strong, but people sure did like them. Here are some reactions from Impact fans and non-Impact fans regarding the jerseys. Enjoy!

Like I mentioned earlier, the Impact tricked the fans into believing that a glorified practice jersey was the club's new kit.

Happily, Steve Harvey was the conspirator behind these jerseys and the real ones were announced soon after. Here are some fan reactions towards the new jersey "leak"

Although the majority of #IMFC fans loved the new jersey, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows in Montreal. Allow James here to present his view on the new kits

Now these new kits are all well and good, but I can't wait to see them in action on a hot summer night at Saputo Stadium, that's when they'll really shine.

It shall shine even more when Didier Drogba wears it.