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Impact vs Toronto FC : Snow will not delay or cancel the game

Even with a roof, the Olympic Stadium has had its issue with accumulating snow

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Although snow had started to drop on the Montreal area, in a more aggressive and prolonged manner than expected, the first leg of the Eastern Conference final will not be delayed nor cancelled.

A report from RDS confirms that the Régie des installations Olympiques has assured the official MLS Playoffs broadcaster that there is no snow accumulation on the Olympic Stadium's roof. La Régie is the agency that manages the Olympic park, that includes the infamous Olympic Stadium, also known as the Big O.

Why was there panic in the air over a snowy day if the game is being played in a covered venue, an indoor venue,a stadium with a roof? Well, the roof was never that sturdy since the inception of the Big O for the 1976 summer Olympics and many incidents have plagued the many versions of the roof, including a bad incident in 1999.

The good news is that the roof has been upgraded and repaired since but the stigma around the Olympic Stadium will never leave it as it is seen as a money pit for taxpayers around the city and the province.

The roof will stand, the snow will melt and the game will go on.