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Didier Drogba says he hasn't joined Chelsea's coaching staff, yet

Drogba pumps the brakes ever so slightly on reports that he has retired.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Just about every outlet in the world seems to be reporting that Didier Drogba has already retired, clearing the way for him to join Chelsea's coaching staff. The man himself, though, says nothing has been finalized.

While it's hardly proof that Drogba intends to return to the Montreal Impact as a player, there's at least a shred of hope. But it's really only a shred.

Just the fact that Drogba included the word "yet" in his Tweet gives a very strong indication that the reports are at least generally accurate. Maybe the exact terms have not yet been agreed upon. Maybe, the various parties are trying to figure out a way for him to join Chelsea without having to formally retire. But the chances of Drogba suiting up for the Impact at the start of the MLS season seem as slim as they ever were.