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Report : Didier Drogba retires, to join Chelsea's staff

It seems that the Impact's #11 has retired his boots

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Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

A report from Herve Penot of L'Equipe is saying that Didier Drogba has chosen to retire from the game and will join Chelsea FC as part of Guus Hiddink's staff. The star striker has spend his playing time in 2015 between Chelsea and the Montreal Impact, finishing off the year with an exciting MLS playoff run with the Bleu-Blanc-Noir.

Penot also confirms a previous report from Matt Law of the Telegraph that an agreement needs to be found between MLS and Chelsea as per financial compensation for Drogba's departure. At this point, the biggest blow would be on the Impact and its fan base as both are coming out an exciting second half of the season that coincided with Drogba's arrival at the club.

In addition, Mauro Biello had taken over Frank Klopas, let go after a string of bad results, adding more energy te the club as it went to make the MLS playoffs all the way to the Eastern Conference semi-final against the Columbus Crew.

Update: Stay tuned to Mount Royal Soccer for more  news on Didier Drogba and his impeding retirement from the beautiful game.