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Milestones at Stade Saputo sold out for Didier Drogba, Mapp's 300th MLS game and MLS playoff race

Stade Saputo sold out for the game between the Montreal Impact and Philadelphia Union, which also happens to be Didier Drogba's MLS debut.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After confirming that Didier Drogba would be on the game day roster against the Philadelphia Union, Drogba-Palooza has taken effect on a city that likes the glamour of having stars in its midst. As a bonus, that star happens to be one of the best strikers of his generation.

VP exec. Richard Legendre shares his excitement about the commercial success of the club.

We are very happy to anounce that this will be our first dold out game since our Champions League final.

It is also the first sold out game at Stade Saputo for almost 2 years and that is something that Frank Klopas is happy about. The head coach ,happy about the break his team just got, is cautious about their next adversary especially that the MLS playoff race has only started.

Montreal Impact vs Philadelphia Union : Frank Klopas #IMFC | Pregame AFROKANLIFE

Justin Mapp : MLS ironman

Always composed mixed with shyness, Mapp has been a beast for the Impact since joining them in 2012 via the MLS expansion draft. One of the few left from the genesis of the Bleu-Blanc-Noir, his talent is undeniable and has played some of his best soccer ever under 3 different coaches.

Mapp looks back at his career and the relationships he has made along the way.

Montreal Impact vs Philadelphia Union : Justin Mapp #IMFC | Pregame AFROKANLIFE

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