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Montreal Impact confirm discussion with Didier Drogba

Joey Saputo confirms that he spoke with Didier Drogba

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Joey Saputo spoke personally to Didier Drogba as he confirmed to TSN690's Noel Butler that the club has been in discussion with the Chelsea FC legend. The Chicago Fire hold his rights via the MLS Discovery process and seemed to have initially passed as the club has all 3 DP slots.

The president and owner of the Impact adds though

I know Chicago is still in discussion with Didier, so let's see how this plays out.

As per Joey Saputo,the Chicago Fire seem to have reached out  to the league as it rekindled an interest in Drogba, after being able to make some space in its salary cap structure. The president adds that his conversation with Drogba was done in French as the player insisted that Montreal is a great place for him.

The club has had the opportunity to speak to Didier Drogba and the player knows about the club's history, ambitions and where it wants to go. It seems that the ball is in the player's court while taking into account that the Fire is still in the hunt for the Ivorian striker.

As the president said, let's keep our fingers crossed.

Yes, we're in talks with Drogba. I've spoken with him personally.