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Impact sells out home leg of Champions League final against Club America

59,020 tickets have been sold forthe home leg at Olympic Stadium on April 29

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Montreal Impact announced on Tuesday that the second leg of the CCL final against Club America is sold out. This comes 24 hours before the first leg at Estadio Azteca where a sold-out crowd is expected, a mere 100,000+. The Impact has confirmed that a 59,020 tickets were sold.

Everyone involved directly or indirectly with the club  would hope that second leg at the Olympic Stadium is decisive, knowing that the first leg could end in a big loss when you look at the gap level between both clubs. But the Impact has continued to prove that the size of your payroll or the number of trophies won have not mattered in this magical CONCACAF Champions League campaign.

Sold out Big O