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Montreal Impact 2015 MLS Prediction : Close but no cigars

The Impact has greatly improved when you look back to the 2014 season. It will not be good enough to make the playoffs.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t get me wrong: The Montreal Impact is a much better team this year. Some key additions to the group could potentially see the club field an exciting team on the field. I already hear people say that it not hard to be better than finishing dead last but in my opinion, it’s not that easy.

The MLS is a very competitive league and the salary explosion we’ve seen with Sebastian Giovinco and Jozy Altidore is just the beginning of it. It’s hard for a team like the Impact to bring world quality players without over-paying them. So a team can’t go from last to first in a snap of a finger. The club plugged quite a few holes but not all of them.

Management had a very long grocery list and managed to get good players at a decent price. The only pending item would be an All Star Striker but I stand my previous point: Jack McInerney will do the job...if Klopas give him the chance.  We did not see McInerney during the CCL QF.

He is maybe not as talented as a Gilardino, a Di Natale or a Di Vaio but he’s got the talent so let him show it.

On defense, it’s getting really interesting! Ciman and Bakary Soumare are very solid. I was pretty confident with Ciman but I have to admit that I was curious to see Baky play. He really proved to me that he is a MLS caliber player and I’ve already forgot about last year's central defenders duo. Maybe not to that point but not far! Imagine if Ambroise Oyongo joins the team during the season and with good the right mindset. The team could really benefit from him and Camara on the wings.

I also don’t expect the Impact to play a very conservative game like they did in CONCACAF Champions League. Winning games is an obvious requirement to get points and make the playoffs. Last time I checked, away goals do not count for double in a tie game during the regular season.

So that’s why we might see a 4-4-2 to score more goals and produce a more exciting brand of soccer. I’m an avid soccer fan so games like against Pachuca are still going to keep me in front of the TV but i’m not sure it’s something every fan would enjoy every time. But in the end, it’s the W that will bring people at Saputo Stadium. We will figure out quickly how Klopas will manage.

Time for predictions now....Drum roll here....

The Impact will be very good and improve a lot from last year but they will fall short of the MLS playoffs. I think fans will be excited with that team and they will regain that passion lost during 2014. They will still be in the mix in September for a playoff spot but the lack of depth in front will kill their chances to make it....close but no cigars in 2015 for Montreal.