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Kaká: The Greatest player to ever play against the Montreal Impact?

Is Kaká the greatest player to ever play in MLS? I will not make any new fans with that but here’s why I think he is!

Ron Scheffler-USA TODAY Sports

If I ask a crowd of people if they know who is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite. The answer will be a clear no! If I ask the same question with the name Kaká , it will be completely different even if it is the same person. Every soccer fans or even sports fan around the world knows him but only under the name Kaká.

This soccer legend is going to be on the Olympic Stadium field in Montreal this week-end and nobody seems to care much about. Wake up guys!

I don’t know why but neither the fans nor the media are speaking of this "event" as being very important. If we compare the media coverage between him and David Beckham, it is far from being on the same level and that’s wrong.  In my opinion the Brazilian's greatness and accomplishments are a step or two ahead of the husband of Posh Spice. Ouch!

I am not saying David Beckham is not Victoria’s man and that he did not deserve the 60 000 fans at the Big O when he came to Montreal , where he scored a magnificent goal on a free kick. He’s got a great talent and one of the best midfielders of the 90’s and 00’s. But we are speaking of Kaká here.

A player who won the World Cup in 2002 and the Ballon d’Or in 2007.Someone who dominates the game of soccer and not only at a league level but at the international level. Beckham can’t say the same thing.

He is able to do almost anything on the field. He can score from everywhere and causes real headaches for the defense when he's got the ball in front of him. When he was in his prime he was just a soccer genius !

Some people will say that the star stopped shining with the Real Madrid and I must admit that it is true. But let’s not forget all the great things he did in the past and that he is still doing so at a certain level. Since the beginning of the season, he has played very solid soccer and he’s not here to pick up a paycheck and fill up his pension plan.

He is here for the good reasons and wants to win! I’m kind of disappointed of the coverage he is getting by the media two day’s away from the game against the Impact. I truly hope the fans will go to the stadium and enjoy great moments and see a great player on the field. It is not every year that a World Cup winner and a Ballon d’Or is playing in Montreal. We must not forget that.

If it’s not Kaká, who can be a legitimate candidate to be the greatest player to ever play against the Impact?

Thierry Henry? David Beckham?

The only player who played in MLS and that in my opinion we can put around the same level of Kaká is Alessandro Nesta! He did not play against the Impact but for the Impact...that’s the difference. Who do you got?