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Saputo Prioritizes Success Over Profits, Declines $5 Million Transfer Offer for Piatti

Citing only a "source," a report suggests that the Impact received a $5 million offer for their #10 - which they declined.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Saputo made a subtle gesture when he declined an offer to sell Ignacio Piatti to an unnamed Latin American club, as per reports. Saputo stood to pocket $5 million had he accepted the deal, but preferred the idea of the potential successful of his team over the prospect of profits.

In many ways, however, this gesture is not subtle. By choosing to not sell the Impact's most lethal midfielder at what is arguably a very fair price, Saputo sent a strong message to his locker room that the team is interested in winning. And that the winning is expected to come in the short-term.

Rumors suggest similar things about loan deals for both Didier Drogba and Laurent Ciman. The players, the team, Saputo, or some combination of these parties have decided not to loan out Drogba and Ciman to other teams over the MLS off-season. Again, choosing the health and rest of their stars over profits.

It will be interesting to see if the Impact are active in today's Stage 2 MLS Re-Entry Draft, starting at 3pm, as they look for a partner for Laurent Ciman and to replace the skill of Justin Mapp on the right side before turning their attention to the international market.

Read more about today's draftat the following link.