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Olympus rises again to cast a shadow on the Montreal Impact: Snow and the Big O

The game between the Montreal Impact and the Seattle Sounders is schedule for this Saturday, weather permits.


Game on, this Saturday at 4pm!" says Richard Legendre, VP of the Montreal Impact, as he addressed the media gathered at the Olympic stadium, earlier today. With the potential snowfall over the weekend, there is a chance that the game between the Impact and the Seattle Sounders will be postponed.

Even though the Olympic Stadium has a roof, its fragile state is always challenged when the weather man calls for snow. Though, a threshold of 3 cm of snow accumulation has been set as acceptable by the Parc Olympique, the organization managing the Olympic Stadium among other structures.

The Parc Olympique will be monitoring the weather and snow accumulation and in conjunction with the club, a decision will be made on whether the game will be played on Saturday or not.

The contingency plan is to play the game on Sunday, if weather permits.

It's an understatement to say that any kind of news on the Olympic Stadium and its capacity to withstand snow is never a positive subject for Montrealers.

You can read my older articles on this structure, that has become a symbol ,among many, of the decrepit infrastructures of the City of the Montreal.

Just ask the defunct sports fans called the Montreal Expos. Or is it the sports fans of the defunct Montreal Expos?