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Houston Dynamo vs Montreal Impact: Three Questions with Dynamo Theory

We chat with Sean Ringrose of the Dynamo Theory to preview the hostile game between the Montreal Impact and the Houston Dynamo.

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1) With Bobby Boswell leaving the club for D.C. United, was the move something planned from Dominic " the mastermind " Kinnear ? Is the Houston Dynamo better without Boswell?

While it wasn't "planned", it was expected as a possibility. Boswell's salary wasn't cheap, and the team had other players capable of filling his role. Couple that with bringing in David Horst from Portland, and the team was prepared when it happened.

As for whether the team is better without Boswell, I'd say it's still too early to tell. Boswell as a defender relies upon communication and being in sync with his back line, and he'd developed that rapport with Jermaine Taylor. His pace had slowed tremendously, and unfortunately he had become a pretty big liability as a defender. Still, that leadership and vocal presence is missed, for now. So I'd say it's a toss-up until we see more of Horst.

2) In a World Cup year, is it the year of Boniek Garcia? Will Bruin is also picking up where he left off with a flurry of goals, is he the most underrated striker in MLS right now?

Boniek Garcia may spend a significant amount of time at central attacking midfielder, where he played in his first match. He thrived there, finding space and holding up the ball when warranted. Honestly, I hope he can play there for most of the season because the team would be much better off for it.

Will Bruin is a bit of an enigma. He can score in droves, but he is as streaky a striker as you will find. I talked with a few Dynamo fans about this over Twitter, and what it boils down to for Bruin is he fares best against lighter, pacey-er defenders. Against the big, physical defenders, Bruin struggles, and a lot of it has to do with how Bruin's footwork isn't on-par with what an elite striker should. So no, not underrated as I think this first game might be just an aberration, but goodness did he look good.

3) Is Kinnear feeling any pressure to win the MLS Cup ? As the architect behind the franchise club that is the Dynamo, is it his decision to leave if he ever does?

I think Kinnear feels the pressure every year to win MLS Cup. It is, in his eyes, the greatest prize available to MLS clubs. It will always be his primary focus and goal. And he is only leaving if the team has consecutive seasons with miserable performances (we're talking bottom of the table stuff) or if he chooses. He is as much a face of this franchise as Brian Ching and Brad Davis were and are.


Hall; Ashe, Horst, Taylor, Sarkodie; Driver, Davis, Clark, Garcia; Barnes, Bruin


1-0 Dynamo. Pearce keeps Bruin in check for majority of the match, and it is a late set piece goal from David Horst that wins it for the Dynamo.

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