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Adrian Lopez potentially out for up to 6 months with Knee Injury

Adrian Lopez joins Hernan Bernadello on the injury list with a much more serious injury. The Spanish defender has been diagnosed with a knee injury , details pending from the Montreal Impact

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Lopez is unlucky and could miss up to 6 months as he recovers from a knee injury. Having barely played a full half with the Montreal Impact, the Spanish defender picked up the injury sometime last week during practice.

The Montreal Impact has not confirmed the injury itself, the length of the absence nor if surgery is required. We are still waiting for an official press release from the club. At this point, it is not the best of news to hear after confirming that Hernan Bernardello could miss up to 6 weeks, due to an ankle injury.

When this story was written, no official statement was released by the Montreal Impact but Adrian Lopez was seen in crutches.

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