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The Temptation of Saint Catherine of Bologna : Marco Di Vaio , Family , Bologna and the RossoBlu

With his family back in Italy, Marco Di Vaio's future with the Montreal Impact is uncertain. The latest news from practice and an article by the Corriere Di Bologna are strongly hinting that Di Vaio will leave the Impact and the MLS by the end of this year.

Did he ever leave Bologna?
Did he ever leave Bologna?
Mario Carlini / Iguana Press

Saint Catherine of Bologna is the patron of artists and a native of Bologna. The same town that has rejuvenated Marco Di Vaio's career. Not your typical artist, Marco Di Vaio uses his feet instead of a brush. His canvas is a green rectangle, bordered by white lines.

Bologna is calling its son and the ex-Rosso Blu might just go back home. It should not be a surprise as it was previously talked about, earlier this year.

On Wednesday, Francesca Blesio writes an article in La Corriere Di Bologna with the omnious title for Impact fans.

La tentazione del Bologna: "Di Vaio in campo a gennaio"

The article in La Corriere Di Bologna mentions that Di Vaio might go back to Bologna FC to finish his career as a player and make the switch into coaching/management.

We remember that Di Vaio and his family flew back to Italy in mid-season for personal reasons. All we know is that a family member was sick and they needed to go back to Italy. Respecting the player's privacy, this recent event changed his current family situation as he stated on Wednesday, after practice:

Maybe [about retiring], because it hasn't been easy for me.I decided to come here with my family, and my family's not in Montreal anymore. It changes things a lot. Of course, if my family were here with me right now, I'd keep going one more year. But now, it's a family situation. I have two little children, and they need their dad.
As he came to conquer North America and Major League Soccer, Di Vaio's attachement to home was always strong. And home is where the heart is: His wife and children.

We will make a decision together: the family and the club, but mostly the family. It's not easy right now, because I'd like to keep going for sure. But there are lots of things to consider. We will see.
I remember Di Vaio's press conference in 2012 during which he was presented to the media in a downtown office. A humble and a soft-spoken Di Vaio addressed the media as he shared his experience ans aspirations and what he can bring to the club and the league.

As he did, he never wasted a change , like the goal poacher that he is, to look at this children and wife throughout the press conference.

Home is where the heart is.

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