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Dissect-A-Goal : Why Jeb Brovsky's Goal Should Be As Frustrating And Satisfying for the Montreal Impact

Jeb Brovsky scores his first career MLS goal in a losing cause. On his goal, the play was so beautiful and smart that it also becomes frustrating.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Jeb Brovsky has finally scored his first MLS goal in his young promising career. The multi-purpose player has been a physical and mental rock for the club. The natural midfielder has been filling as the full-time left back for the club, since joining the Montreal Impact in the 2012 MLS expansion draft.

Let's take a look at how the original Jebi Knight got to score that goal from start to finish.

Two-man midfield


Patrice Bernier does what he does best. The MLS All Star keeps the ball from harm's way as he is pressed by a D.C. United player. He quickly identifies Davy Arnaud as his next target with a simple but precise pass. Kudos for captain Davy Arnaud to move higher up the midfield to offer options for his partner in crime.

Justin Mapp: L'Effet Mapillon


Credit to @Solambey , my colleague at @SoccerSansF, for inventing the term to better describe Justin Mapp's impact on the pitch. L'effet Mapillon (Mapp + Papillon, butterfly in French) is simple, efficient and deadly. He slowly gets away from his marker and hugs the sideline.

Davy Arnaud looks for him, passes him the ball and makes a run towards the box, taking with him Perry Kitchen. That run gives space for Jeb Brovsky to take Arnaud's spot and Mapillon passes the ball to him. : as easy as pie.

Tic-Tac-Toe :


Without hesitation, Brovsky gives the ball directly to Arnaud who gets back onside. He temporarily becomes Brovsky control tower. Three DC players surround the captain but are not in movement, making it that much harder to defend the give and go between Arnaud and Brovsky.

Arnaud goes ''Neymar'' on everyone and flicks the ball to Brovsky who never stops his run.

Jeb with the finish


Sneaking between 2 DC United players, Brovsky does not control the ball and shoots directly from inside the box. Joe Willis tries to cover as much space as he can. But Brovsky's cheeky and precise low shot beats the goalkeeper.

Notice Marco Di Vaio's important presence around the penalty area as he is covered by 2 defenders. He also makes a last minute dash to free himself, in case Brovsky goes for the pass.

It was a beautiful play that lasted 10-11 seconds with a total of 8 touches and 5 passes ; enough to decimate the Black & Red. From start to finish, the Montreal Impact scored yet another goal culminating from a team effort, sprinkled with a high level of technical skills.

The frustrating part of that equation is the Brovsky's scores his first career MLS goal in a losing cause. What is more frustrating is how can the Impact play so well in less than 11 seconds and be so imprecise and untidy for most of the game.

Marco Schallibaum's challenge is to harness those skills and make them work together and not just on one play per game. Without demanding form the Swiss coach to create the FC Barcelona of MLS, the team has shown that it can create something from nothing.

How do you take that mentality and those positive intentions from that goal , and also from Blake Smith's goal,and re-create them throughout a game?

What is your favorite part on that play?