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Marco Di Vaio and Francesco Totti: Reunited and It Feels So Good [ GIF ]

Both are from Rome with one wearing the Biancocelesti and the other one the Giallorossi. Marco Di Vaio and Francesco Totti cross paths again for the MLS All Star Game. Marco Di Vaio almost convinced Francesco Totti to come to MLS.

Reunited and it feels so good. Marco Di Vaio and Francesco Totti embracing each other is one image that will go around the soccer sub-domain of the internet. Should you expect the camera focusing on Di Vaio and Totti facing each other on the pitch on Wednesday night? Yes, if they both play at the same time.

Trying to gather all his buddies from Rome ( Alessandro Nesta is from Rome), Totti confirmed to the press at the MLS All Star game that Di Vaio asked him to come play in America

There are no better agents than players themselves. Ask the Montreal Impact when the club was able to bring in Bernardo Corradi, Matteo Ferrari , Nesta and co. But what if Di Vaio was able to bring in the AS Roma and italian legend, Totti ?

I would be surprised to see the legend continue his career beyond his days with AS Roma but nothing is impossible. When asked at the MLS All Star game press conference, the 36 year-old answered

It's true that he [Di Vaio] asked if I'd like to play in America, but all I have on my mind right now is Roma. The club, with the signings it has made, is trying to build a side on a level with the best in Europe.

Some other Montreal media outlets jumped to the conclusion that the Montreal Impact was the team that had talks with Totti. My italian is at a beginner's level at best but I was not sure that is what Totti answered back or if the question was about the Impact.

Even if the Impact is taking a younger route in its recent signings (Bernardello & Lopez), getting star quality players like Totti would not be a far fetched objective for Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis.

Isn't Alessandro Nesta playing with the Montreal Impact as we speak?

Until then, enjoy watching Francesco Totti playing against his friend Marco Di Vaio and we can definitely hope for many camera shots of the ragazzi, at Sporting Park tonight,

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