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Latest on CJAD 800 AM : Hernan Bernardello and his "Impact' on the Montreal Impact

My latest for CJAD 800's Montreal Impact blog focuses on the Montreal Impact's new midfielder and Designated Player, Hernan Bernardello.

Nick De Santis, the Montreal Impact's architect
Nick De Santis, the Montreal Impact's architect
Montreal Impact

Nick De Santis is in the news after the sporting director officiliases the signing of the Montreal Impact's second Designated Player. With Italian heritage (like many Argentineans), Bernardello comes to the Montreal midfield with 100+ games of experience, playing in Spain and Argentina.

Marco Schallibaum will be a happy camper as he has a new toy to play with, another pawn in his chess game. The press conference to present Bernardello would have happened earlier this week. But flu-like symptoms for the new DP had him hospitalized and bedridden.

The media will get a chance to meet the new DP this Friday at 10:30 AM at Stade Saputo.

The full article can be read here on the CJAD 800 AM Montreal Impact blog.

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