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Mount Royal Soccer and CJAD800 AM: Impact Ready To Rule and Trade Bait

Go to the CJAD Sports Blog to read Sofiane's and Giovanni's latest pieces for CJAD 800 AM.


CJAD 800 AM is back at Stade Saputo for the Montreal Impact upcoming home game against the Philadelphia Union. Go to CJAD 800 AM `s Sports Blog to get your latest practice report, post-game analysis and the Mount Royal Soccer's Sofiane and Giovanno latest contribution.

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Giovanni Sardo writes:

Coach Marco has found a way to extract the best out of his men while bringing cohesion between the North American and European players

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Sofiane Benzaza writes:

As per trades, with Collen Warner and Sanna Nyassi, getting more minutes in practice than in games, might be trade baits so that the Impact get more defensive players or allocation money.

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Don't forget to tune in to CJAD 800AM during half-time as Sofiane, Giovanni, Rick and Grant join forces as the#SoccerGangOf4.