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Portland Timbers vs Montreal Impact Half-Time : Camara's Goal and Half-Time Notes

Hassoun Camara does not hesitate to show skill and poise to give the Montreal Impact a 1-0 lead against the Portland Timbers.

Jen-Weld Field got stunned at the 32nd minute as Hassoun Camara gave the lead for the Montreal Impact. The right-back does not mind being in the limelight as he scores off a bicycle kick off a Andrea Pisanu free kick.

Half-Time Notes:

  • The Portland Timbers are able to play a very complete game
  • The Montreal Impact is still very compact at the back and in the midfield
  • Marco Di Vaio is having a bigger impact up front but was quieter after Montreal opened the score
  • Diego Valeri is dangerous when not marked and finds his favorite target, Darlington Nagbe.
  • Nagbe enjoys doing combinations with Ryan Johnson who is putting pressure on Nesta-Ferrari.
  • Outside the first 10 minutes dominated by Portland, Montreal was able to get some flow in its game with quick passes and ball distribution
  • Sanna Nyassi has a card to play against Miller who is going up aggressively
  • Felipe is much more active and dangerous even if Diego Chara is marking him a lot.
  • Troy Perkins is definitely making the defense's job easier with timely saves and being master of his zone in the air, something as important as saves
  • Jeb Brovsky is doing his thing quietly and discreetly on the left side. I am always impressed with his performances
  • Miller embellished but a PK could have easily been called against Sanna Nyassi