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Gio’s Random Thoughts: Pre-season is over, ESPN 3, strong D & more...

Gio's Random Thoughts are back for its first edition of 2013.

Everyone is loving Justin Mapp even Giovanni!!!
Everyone is loving Justin Mapp even Giovanni!!!

Welcome to the first "Gio's Random Thoughts" of 2013! Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly. HERE WE GO!

* Congratulations to the Montreal Impact organization for winning the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic!! Enjoy it boys!

* I think the WDWPSC is the longest named tournament in the history of sports.

* Sorry folks, there is no parade for winning a pre-season tournament.

* What a boring first half. It was as exciting as watching paint dry.

* The second half had a bit more action but still very dull.

* Reminder to myself and everyone... it was a PRESEASON GAME!!! There will be much more intensity in the regular season.

* Coach Marco used what is should be the Starting XI for the first game of the season. Perkins, Brovsky, Nesta, Ferrari, Camara, Arnaud, Mapp, Pisanu, Felipe, Bernier and Di Vaio.

* It will take a regular season game or two for this team to show its true potential. Changing manager, trainer and mentality takes time. They are on the right path.

* Commentators on ESPN 3 (TSN 2) announced the name of every Crew player perfectly. They did, however, decide to re-baptise almost every player on the Impact. Arnaud was Ar-NOD. Felipe was Marrrtennns. Pisanu was Pee-sa-nu (I swear I heard Pikachu at least once). Brovsky was Browsky. Di Vaio was Diaby. Ferrari was Ferreira.

* ESPN 3 needs to hire Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks from ESPN 8: The Ocho (Dodgeball movie reference).

* MLS and Disney need to invest in an extra camera or four for their tournament. Seriously. Felt like one of the players' dad's were recording the game.

* Justin Mapp scored the lone goal of the game. He played a decent game. He has solidified his spot in the starting XI.

* HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I have decided to start fresh with Justin Mapp. I am now a Mapp fan. Life is all about second chances. If Coach Marco likes him, I'll give him another shot. Don't know how long this will last. To be re-evaluated on a day by day basis.

* Was disappointed not to see Smith, Valentin and a few others in this game.

* Troy Perkins looks like he is in mid-season form. Think of the cheap goals we allowed or some of the points we lost last year because of Ricketts. That won't happen anymore.

* Marco Di Vaio spent most of the night offside. I know I know, no surprise here.

* The Impact defense played well. Nesta and Ferrari were great in the middle. If this D-line can stay healthy, Montreal will have one of the best defences in the league.

* Felipe played well but needs to step it up a notch in the regular season.

* I miss Donovan Ricketts and his orange construction cone colored jersey', said no one.

* Have you seen the picture of Mickey Mouse with an Impact jersey? Is De Santis negotiating a transfer? Is Tac-Tik's job in danger?

* Coach Marco now faces some huge decisions on depth/rotation.

* The preseason is finally OVER!!! Time for the boys to head to Seattle and get those first 3 points of the season!!

Until next time,

Forza Impact

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