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Fiorentina - Montreal Impact Post-Game Comments : Mauro Biello , Patrice Bernier and more..

A conference call was held a couple of hours after the game in which Mauro Biello and Patrice Bernier addressed the media. Mount Royal Soccer was there and here are quotes from that conference call. The Montreal Impact also provided footage from post-game talk also with Biello, Bernier and Arnaud.

Mauro Biello

About the win

It was a very good for us, anytime you get a chance to play a first division team. Our players responded very well with the type of game they played. We suffered a little in the first half but we applied our game plan to getting the ball wide quickly.

At the end, we did not give much defensively [....] and Evan Bush was exceptional.

About what he proved about himself [as a head coach]

I received the mandate to take over the team for 2 weeks. It was an opportunity to prove myself. I am here to help the team and I am ready to do everything to help this team win games. Results count and we came here to continue our work from the season..[....] we did well . The club will decide and I am at the club's service.

About the Head Coach hunt

I cannot say whether we are close or far but I know that they [management staff] are working [to find a head coach]. It's something very delicate but the club is looking at all its options and go forward.

About today`s game

We knew that we were playing against a stronger team so we wanted to be compact and not give any space. Our goal was to get the ball in the midfield and play out wide with our speed. We had 15 minutes in which we were in trouble with a very technical Fiorentina team.

With Matteo [Ferrari] and [Alessandro] Nesta in the center, Bernier and Camara to cover, we grew and got confidence during the game. With players like Pizarro [that came in later] the team still held its own.

About Andrea Pisanu

He was with Bologna but did not play a lot. He has a good vision and good technical quality. He has done well but is not in optimal physical shape. He could not play the whole game but still did well.

About players on trial and their evaluation process

They will be evaluated by the coaching staff and Nick de Santis. We will discuss of what we saw and we will make decision if we will invite them to camp in January.

About the chance of any of the players on trial to make make the team

We will continue to follow them. Each have qualities and we will make the right decisions on what we are looking for and what we can get.

Did any current Impact player play his last game

The guys that came here have contracts and the young players came in to help them develop. If something happens at this level, I am not aware of this but I know that players that are here have contracts and want to represent the team.

Patrice Bernier

About the game

Solid performance and happy about the victory. They cant say they [Fiorentina] didn't put their best players.

How did it change with Mauro Biello?

I did not tell him anything as he is the coach. He approached me about my role and my game for these 2 weeks [in Italy]. He just asked me to be very vocal and present. He had all information he needed.

About Mauro Biello being able to be the Head Coach

He did very good things in 2 weeks with a focus on tactical aspects with pressing (for ex). He has a lot of will and wants to learn. He is learning the game and I don't see why he cant take the Head Coaching chair [position]

It's a continuity from what we had earlier in the season and he mastered the subject very well. If he is being evaluated, he gained some points with today's win

About being there more pressure on coaches than players

No. We had a sudden change before camp.[..].. we don't have the same stress of winning now than during the season. They [coaches] took care of us well and we didn't feel any stress.

About his plans in the next weeks

I have 8 weeks of vacation and I will go back home and spent time with the family. We do need to stay in shape but we do need to decompress.

Post-Game Video

Mauro Biello

Patrice Bernier

Davy Arnaud