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The Danger Men of the New England Revolution: Creative Power of the Patriots

Even if the game has no MLS playoff implications, the New England Revolution still present a threat soccer wise. The Amway CC seeding is still in play with a long distance fight against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Jim Rogash

Saer Sene and Lee Nguyen are out for the season but it was still interesting to see that offensive potential that the Revolution has.

With the offensive creativity on paper, the Revs were always an interesting team to watch, at least for this man's opinion. In the last 2 games between both teams, the Impact won both but it was not the easiest of wins. The game at Stade Saputo (2-1 win) was a very hard fought win. The 0-1 win at Gillette Stadium was probably a steal as per ball possession and number of chances. But the Montreal Impact were going for a playoff run and were on the fire during that period.

In both games, Sanna Nyassi scored 2 crazy goals that were both nominated for MLS Goal Of The Week.

Talking of Nyassi and offense, let's have a look at some offensive creative power Revolution side.

Saer Sene: Deceivingly Quick

The french striker leads his team with 11 goals and for a first year in MLS, that is not bad at all. Previously with the Bayern Munich Reserve team, he is potentially a Newcomer of the Year in MLS and will compete for that title with Montreals own , Felipe Martins.`

Watching Sene play at Stade Saputo was a real pleasure and he is quite dangerous. Do not be fooled by his tall figure as he is deceivngly quick with some very good dribbling skills and long strides. He can penetrate the defense easily and take on a few players in his positionning. He has a strong left shot and can play on the wing and as CF/Striker.

Lee Nguyen: Technical Old-School Playmaker

He scored a very nice goal at Stade Saputo, a goal that Donovan Ricketts could have done better but history is history. A hybrid offensive midfielder/playmaker , he is second with the Revs in scoring with 5 goals. Do not make me say what I did not say but he reminds a bit of that old-school modern midfielder a la '' Riquelme ''. Lee Nguyen is willing to play across the pitch to get the ball from the defense, run up and down the field and play a central role in distributing the ball. With a good cross quality, finding his teammates heads in the box is one of his strong points and has an excellent long-range shot.

Kelyn Rowe: Rookie tagged as potentially best pick in his class

The rookie midfielder has a respectable 5 assists in his rookie season and recently delivered an assist to Diego Fagundez (Uruguyan midfielder and good prospect ) for the game winner against the Chicago Fire. With a high rate of success in his passing and is learning a lot in this season. With Andrew Wenger, Darren Mattocks, Rowe was part of the top 3 MLS prospects in the 2012 Super Draft.

Jerry Bengtson : Hondurian Designated Player

The Hondurian international is more known for his scoring skills with the Hondurian National team than with the New England Revolution. He scored a hat-trick in Honduras' 8-1 trashing during the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign. Being tagged with too many guaranteed goals misses, maybe a post-season rest will help Bengtson to better integrate the New England Revolution team and system. With 26 goals in 52 games with C.D. Motagua in the Honduran league, he is not a player to just ignore in the MLS context.

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