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Binks On Bologna...

“I came here first and foremost to sign for Montreal Impact.”

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Binks - “I came here first and foremost to sign for Montreal Impact.’
Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At this afternoon’s press conference Luis Binks briefly spoke about his transfer to Bologna, having fielded a question from local journalist, Tristan D’Amours.

“I came here, signed for Montreal first and foremost.

“And I knew if I did well there’d be people watching because of my age. I knew the connection with Bologna but I didn’t know they were going to come and sign me.

“I know if I played well it could have been someone from England who could have come back and signed me, Spain, another American team, but I knew just if I played well, there would be teams and fortunately it was a team from Serie A.

“The Bologna connection probably did help but I came there to sign for Montreal, but knew in the back of my head if I played well there’d be people watching, and that’s what happened.”

Binks has been one of Montreal Impact’s outstanding performers this season and having just turned 19, looks to have a bright future in the game.

Bologna will be the second storied European club he’ll see service with, having joined the Impact earlier this year from Tottenham Hotspur.

The move is a bitter-sweet development for Impact fans. On the one hand, they’ll be able to watch the popular Englishman’s career develop in Europe after seeing him adapt to his new Quebec surroundings with apparent ease, but they’d surely have liked him to stick around a little while longer before saying, “Au revoir.”