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“Very Difficult to Evaluate the Season” - Henry

Coach observes improvement but too early to say...

MLS: Montreal Impact-Coach Thierry Henry Press Conference
Thierry Henry finds it difficult to evaluate the 2020 season... Who could blame him?
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Being asked to evaluate the stop-start-stop 2020 season would test the greatest of football brains combined. Yet that was one of the questions faced by Thierry Henry at his post-lunchtime video-conference in Vancouver this afternoon.

He struggled honestly for a meaningful answer but probably got it just about right.

“It is difficult to evaluate the season for everybody in all fairness. And possibly a bit more for us especially with the new start [his arrival as coach].

“Knowing your new team, knowing how you want to play, changing the way they used to play, what they used to do, what they used to be asked and so on. Something totally different so it takes time.

“But we also had to Stop! Play! Stop! Play! Stop! Play!

“It’s not an easy one at all, so it’s difficult to evaluate this season.

“What am I trying to see right now with the run of games we are finally having? I can see an improvement with the team, but it’s very early to say because it’s not a normal season and it’s very difficult to evaluate,” said the French coach.