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Nashville SC - Remaining in The Bubble or Bursting For Home?

MLS still have not yet provided any further direction on the COVID situation around the Tennessee club

Former Impact full-back Dan Lovitz (right), arriving in Orlando with Nashville SC team-mate Dave Romney.

At half-time in the Floridian derby last night we were led to believe that a decision was imminent on the fate of Nashville SC or one would arrive at least by this morning.

But it’s still the sound of silence from the league with the issue as cloudy as ever.

Despite various reports and more potentially positive tests, Nashville had only 5 positive cases confirmed by the league going into yesterday (Wednesday).

League Commissioner, Don Garber did however say, “We are working very closely with our ID [infectious diseases] doctors: we’re going to meet with them after tonight’s game, and if we find that we have a situation with Nashville where they can’t continue in the tournament, then we’ll make that decision overnight and move forward from there.”

So the fact a decision has not yet been made we are left to wonder if that is because there is no ‘situation’ existing with the Nashville party, or the situation has become so borderline, MLS is playing for time before it announces the loss of another team from the competition. It’s clear they are giving Nashville ever possible chance to participate, while bearing in mind the health issues surrounding.

We still don’t know for sure how many cases are confirmed within the Nashville camp. Five for sure, possibly another four (but not yet confirmed), and if Nashville is one of the two clubs impacted by two confirmed positive tests yesterday (we don’t know which clubs they were), the tally could potentially have reached 11 (worst case scenario).

We still await a statement from the league. If none is forthcoming the assumption must be that all’s well, or at least well enough to keep Nashville in the bubble.