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Goal-line Technology in England Still on Furlough?

Incredible incident - not even 45 mins played on the resumption of English football and technology controversy already.

Sheffield United players celebrate what everyone thought was a goal at Villa Park after home ‘keeper Orjan Nyland appeared to carry Ollie Norwood’s free-kick over the line.

Well, well, well, not even 45 mins into the resumption of England’s Premier League, and controversy reigns supreme.

Visitors Sheffield United appeared to have taken the lead at Villa Park when home ‘keeper Nyland made a meal of Norwood’s whipped-in free-kick, collided with a team-mate and appeared to carry the ball into the side-netting behind the post, despite fumbling efforts to push it back out.

Anyone witnessing this would be massively challenged to say it wasn’t a goal. Even the most diehard Villa fan... The Sheffield United players begun to celebrate, naturally, only for referee Michael Oliver, to point to his watch, clearing intimating it did not buzz and therefore according to goal-line technology, the ball didn’t cross the line.

There was an assistant referee and also the VAR people at Stockley Park. Neither reacted to acknowledge the ball had crossed the line, preferring to defer to and trust goal-line technology.

It would seem everyone really got this horribly wrong, and maybe even the Villa employee responsible for plugging in the goal-line technology in (if indeed the responsibility lies within the home club)?

Surely this is something that should be tested by the officials prior to the game starting. I bet it will be in future!

Sky Sports bringing the game to us LIVE tried to find out some information during the half-time interval, and Kelly Cates, their presenter, advised her audience, “We have tried to get some information on the incident and have been told goal-line technology is working again. Goal-line technology will be effective in the second-half.”

Take from that what you will...

The incident happened in the 42nd minute of the game and the teams went in level, and scoreless, at half-time.