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Montreal Impact’s Greatest-ever MLS-player - It’s a Bernier/Piatti Final

Bernier wins tight semi over Didier Drogba, while Piatti romps home with a 91% vote share over Hassoun Camara.

Montreal Impact v Los Angeles Galaxy
Patrice Bernier gets a tackle in on Jermaine Jones of LA Galaxy. He’ll be hoping to tackle Piatti just as well in the big final showdown...
Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

It’s the final that most IMFC fans wanted to see.

The local favourite versus the favourite. Bernier v Piatti. After the major contributions each man has provided to the first eight seasons of MLS football in Montreal, no-one will be surprised if this is a close-run contest.

Bernier will win many votes being the best Quebecer ever to play for the club, and we all know how much Quebecers love a local hero.

Piatti has been a simply wonderful player for IMFC since he first arrived in 2014. Will the manner of his recent departure from the Montreal stage detract from his vote pulling powers, or not?

In the semi-finals Bernier and Drogba ran neck and neck for the honours only for Bernier to put a little distance between the pair over the last couple of hours of the poll. It ended up 53% Bernier, 47% Drogba. Undoubtedly a feather in Capi’s hat in dismissing a true footballing world star.

Piatti was always in command of his semi-final win over Hassoun Camara, the only non-group winner to reach this stage of the competition.

The Argentinian’s 91% vote haul is the biggest we’ve seen in any of the contests, whether in the early group stages, or in the later knock-out part of the competition.

Voting for the final will open tomorrow evening at 2000 hrs.

Montreal Impact v Orlando City SC
A not so unfamiliar prose from Nacho, celebrating one of his ten goals against Orlando CitySC. He’s steam-rollered his way into the final, but faces his sternest test yet in Patrice Bernier.
Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images