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Louan Schlicht: Montreal’s Rising Journalist

Louan Schlicht a young passionate journalist covering the Impact and Football

Louan Schlict

Hello/ Bonjour everyone it has been a very long time since my last article on Mount Royal Soccer. Recently I have been studying in Berlin, Germany, from where unfortunately due to the recent COVID 19 Pandemic, I was forced to return home early. I am also pleased to announce that I have renewed my season tickets and will be found in Stade Saputo again this season from the USA (when the “dust” settles from COVID 19 of course). I wish you all great health and strength through these difficult times. Enjoy this article about a young, up and coming journalist in the Montreal sports scene, Louan Schlicht.

To give a little bit of background on how I met and became friends with the focus of this article I will tell a short story.

As many readers know I can be found standing in section 114 with the 1642’s, the supporters group that cheers on the Bleu Blanc Noir and keeps custody of the infamous North Star Bell. As a member of this group for 3 years I have become familiar with the members of 1642. At one particular match I noticed a young man I didn’t recognize standing to the left of section 114 and asked my friends who he was? They told me he was a young journalism student: Louan Schlicht. I had always noticed his focus on the match with a stern look on his face. He was focused on the tactics and the dynamics of the match not so much the atmosphere in the stadium. As a lover of the game I decided to introduce myself and have a chat about football. Nervous and unsure how strong his English was, I introduced myself. From that time on I have enjoyed a strong friendship with Louan and have garnered respect for his great work. EX, The weather in which he grades each Impact player in each match with weather symbols

I will now present an interview style article where I ask Louan various questions to help my readers get to know him as a journalist and a person. I hope you enjoy and follow Louan on social media for his creative spin on Football and Impact news. Merci/ Thank you and Enjoy!

The Interview:

Ryley : Where are you from and How old are you?

Louan: I am from the Alsace region specifically Thann, France. I am 19 but turn 20 during the Summer.

Ryley: What is your profession or work?

Louan: I am currently studying to become a journalist with a focus in sports journalism at the Universite de Quebec a Montreal. Some individuals say I already am a journalist however, I believe there is a lot of work to do to reach that point.

Ryley: What are your hobbies or interests?

Louan: Naturally, my life revolves around football. However, I have a love for traveling. I have almost completed my goal of traveling to every continent.

The beautiful hometown of Louan Schlict Thann, France
Thann, France
French Moments

Ryley: What languages can you speak?

Louan: My native and first language is French. I can speak English well with a average level of Spanish. As a child i was taught German, very common in the Alsace region.

Ryley: Favorite football team or teams?

Louan: My favorite football team is Lyon in France. I have watched Lyon since I was a young boy. My idols were Coupet and Juninho around 2006. I still watch most Lyon matches even though there is a large difference in time. I also have a lot of respect and admiration for the Montreal Impact.

Ryley: Who is your favorite football player?

Louan: My favorite football player is without a doubt Correntin Tolisso a French midfielder. Tolisso was formed as a player at my favorite club Lyon. I love the way he plays on the pitch.

Corentin Tolisso former Lyon midfielder who currently plays for Munich side FC Bayern

Ryley: Why Football?

Louan: As a young French boy loving football comes naturally. But during the 2006 World Cup France had a good run and i remember falling in love with the sport.

Ryley: What made you want to become a journalist?

Louan: Journalism came a little by chance. Years ago, as a teenager I was simply a fan who enjoyed giving my opinions. One day, I participated in a program on RDS to learn the basics of journalism. This piqued my interest in becoming a journalist. In January 2018 Kan Football club approached me to write articles on their website. I owe them a lot of credit for where I am today. However, I still have a long way to go.

Ryley: What is your all time Impact starting 11?

Louan: 3-5-2


Fanni Diallo Ciman

Zachary Guillard Oyongo

Dzemaili Bernier


Drogba Di Vaio

MLS: Eastern Conference Championship-Montreal Impact at Toronto FC
Drogba a key member in the History of the Montreal Impact
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Ryley: How would you describe your style of writing or interviewing?

Louan: I have a slightly unique style. I give my opinion in my articles but with the support of statistics. I think I have a youthful style of writing, normal considering my young age. My approach is certainly modern using technology and creativity to create good content.

Ryley: Who do you look up to in journalism?

Louan: I do not have one particular journalist that I look up too. I follow many journalists from Quebec, France and the United States. I try and take the bests from the many journalists around the globe and use what I have learned to help me become a great journalist.

Thanks Impact fans for reading this article and getting to know a very talented young journalist. I wish you all good health during these tough times. See you all at Stade Saputo soon. Au Revoir, Merci.

Follow Louan on Social Media: Twitter- Louan_S Instagram- Louan.schlicht Facebook- Louan Schlicht