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Feature: Impact - The Centurions

The 14 players who have dressed for action 100 times (or more) in the MLS-era

SOCCER: AUG 28 MLS - Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Montreal Impact
Evan Bush, now Vancouver Whitecaps, has represented Montreal Impact more times than any other player in the MLS-era. When he left the club, IMFC had played 341 matches since 2012. Evan was involved in 307 (91.2%) either as a starter or unused sub.
Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Fourteen players have represented Montreal Impact on 100 occasions since the club’s MLS-era began. That’s since 2012, in all competitions, either as a starter, an introduced substitute or an unused sub dressed for action.

It won’t be a surprise to many that Evan Bush, recently departed to Vancouver Whitecaps, leads the way with 307 selections. When Evan left the club it had played 341 matches in all competitions (it’s now 344) meaning he was present either on the field or on the bench for 91.2% of all games during his time at the club since 2012 (except friendlies of course which are not included).

Some of the names on the list may surprise, like Wandrille Lefevre, whose tally is bettered only by Bush, Bernier, Camara and Piatti, and Calum Mallace in sixth spot who is no longer involved in the professional game, retiring at 29 after spells with Seattle Sounders, LAFC and Austin Bold.

Seattle Sounders FC v Montreal Impact
Wandrille Lefevre - only 4 men have been squad selected more times than the Frenchman in the MLS-era.
Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Of the current squad only Anthony Jackson-Hamel gets in the chart with 137 selections. Sam Piette is almost certain to be the next centurion. He needs only three to become the fifteenth to reach the landmark after playing last night against Philadelphia Union.

The full list reads as follows (Start / Sub Apps / Unused Sub)

307 - Evan Bush (205+0+106)

212 - Patrice Bernier (138+46+28)

185 - Hassoun Canara (149+15+21)

165 - Ignacio Piatti (154+9+2)

151 - Wandrille Lefevre (52+13+86)

148 - Calum Mallace (63+40+45)

144 - Victor Cabrera (103+11+30)

137 - Anthony Jackson-Hamel (29+58+50)

135 - Dominic Oduro (76+35+24)

126 - Andres Romero (85+32+9)

109 - Felipe Martins (95+12+2)

108 - Laurent Ciman (107+0+1)

100 - Justin Mapp (83+16+1)

100 - Daniel Lovitz (81+10+9)