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Nick De Santis to Leave Position as Search for Sporting Director Intensifies

Former captain and coach to leave his International Relations & Technical Development Role.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Montreal Impact
Nick De Santis, for so long a servant of the Impact organization looks set to leave.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been quite a month so far at Montreal Impact. In comes Bojan and Tabla, out goes Garde and Bats to be replaced by Cabrera and Bernier. It’s all happening!

And now RDS has broken the news that long time servant Nick De Santis is to leave his position as VP, International Relations and Technical Development.

But that’s not all. Nicolas Martineau, through the pages of TVA Sports also reports the Impact’s search for their new Sports Director is well advanced and the name of Lino Di Cuollo appears to be the prominent one.

Di Cuollo, employed by MLS since 2005, has been an important link between the league and South America, from where he introduced many players into MLS over the years.

He was also involved in the key transfers of both Didier Drogba and Ignacio Piatti to the Impact.

Furthermore it is reported that Di Cuollo would be willing to drop his duties with MLS to accept a key position within a member club.

Montreal Impact was contacted by TVA Sports, but preferred not to comment on this information.

Nick De Santis
Nick De Santis has given long and dedicated service to the Montreal Impact. His history dates back to when he was first a player (1993-1998 & 2002-2003). He then took over as head coach in 2004, before becoming Technical Director in 2008. De Santis was then appointed Sporting Director in 2011, and charged with the task of putting together the squad for the Impact’s first MLS season in MLS (2012).

He changed his position in 2014 to his current role, the one seemingly, he is about to leave.