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Ronaldinho - The Show Must Go On!

Will he, won’t he, saga ends in disappointment, but some other big names will be there ...

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour - Ethiopia
No goofy grin on Sunday, with Ronaldinho rooted in Brazil.
Photo by Getty Images

So it’s finally confirmed. Passport-less Ronaldinho will not be at Stade Saputo on Sunday.

It’s a disappointment to the Montreal soccer public, who were looking forward to their second glimpse of the former Brazilian, Barcelona and AC Milan superstar.

There may be no goofy grin, but in the best traditions of show-business, the Show Will Go ON!!!!!!!

Organizers, Groupe 3737, have secured the services of Rivaldo, a World Player of the Year, prior to Ronaldinho, in 1999, and another former Barcelona favourite.

Rivaldo Attends Legend Star China Tour
Former World Player of the Year, Rivaldo will be at Stade Saputo ...
Photo by Zhizhao Wu/Getty Images

Cafu, the captain of the 2002 World Cup winners will be here, as will former Manchester United player, Klebersen, who played in every one of Brazil’s matches in that successful 2002 campaign.

Gilberto Silva, whose performances in that 2002 Brazil team earned him a move from Atletico Mineiro to Arsenal, where was a Premier League winer in 2004/04, is also on board.
The Brazilians will be coached by none other than World Cup winning captain and former coach, Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri, better known to all as Dunga, Brazilian for ‘Dopey’ of Seven Dwarfs fame.

But dopey he ain’t. Dunga is one of only two players in history (Xavi the other) to have played in a World Cup final, an Olympic final, a Confederations Cup final and a continental championship final (Copa America).

Brazil Vs Peru
Dunga, bound for Stade Saputo, Sunday. The former Brazil captain and manager will coach the visiting Brazilian squad against the Montreal Impact Legends.
Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Impact fans can also enjoy seeing some of their favourites from yesteryear of course in Drogba, Bernier, the leader of the pack, Sutton, Di Santis, Camara, Porter, Leduc and Mapp to name some.

Despite Ronaldinho’s absence, it promises to be a fun event, one I expect to be littered with plenty of goals ...