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Ronaldinho - Will He Be In Montreal, Sunday?

Properties seized and passports confiscated in latest Ronaldinho development

UEFA Match for Solidarity
Ronaldinho - Tax and Passport Troubles.
Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images

Former Brazilian great Ronaldinho, due to play in the Legends game at Stade Saputo, August 4th, is the latest in a long line of wealthy soccer stars in trouble over tax evasion, BBC Sport reveals.

The report goes on to state the twice-named World Footballer of the Year, has had his Brazilian and Spanish passports confiscated, along with 57 properties seized over unpaid taxes and fines.

This clearly puts his appearance in Montreal this Sunday in jeopardy.

The newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo states he was fined 9.5m reais (USD$2.5m) for illegally building a pier at his Porto Alegre lakehouse. The paper also alludes to a list of creditors pursuing around USD$2m, including council taxes.

A judge in Porto Alegre told Reuters that no details of the newspaper report could be confirmed or denied, due to the case being subject to judicial secrecy rules.

Ronaldinho, net worth estimated at between USD$100m-120m, won the World Cup with Brazil in Japan in 2002. The captain of that team, Cafu is also facing similar problems, having had several properties seized in his home country.

Groupe 3737, the organizers of the Legends match in Montreal, are currently preparing a press release, expected later this morning.