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Piatti’s Back! - Team News From Stade Saputo

Nacho back to face York9 ...

He’s Back !!!

The big news for the Impact is the return of Nacho Piatti.

They’ve kept Urruti up front. Sagna, suspended for the weekend game v Philly stays in at right-back, while Camacho and Cabrera, making his 100th start for IMFC, are the central defensive pairing.

James Pamtemis gets an opportunity in goal, and the midfield comprises; Krolicki, Taider and Choiniere.

York9’s line-up is as predicted.

Line-ups -
IMFC - Pantemis - Sagna, Camacho, Cabrera, Lovitz - Krolicki, Taider, Choiniere - Bayiha, Urruti, Piatti
York9 - Ingham - Doner, Gasparotto, Thompson, Abzi - Di Chiara, Murofushi - Porter, Aparicio (c), Telfer - Adjei Karlsson