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20/401 Derby Team News: Diallo & Camacho Benched, Gonzalez Makes TFC Debut ...

Jackson-Hamel starts up front & Okwonkwo returns

MLS: Toronto FC at Montreal Impact
Saphir Taider takes on Auro, from Impact’s 2-0 victory last October ....
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like Impact is retaining the three centre-back pattern, but with different personnel - Instead of Cabrera, Diallo, Camacho, tonight we have Cabrera, Raitala and Lovitz, with Sagna and Azira in opposite wing-back positions.

The Line-Ups -

IMFC - Bush - Cabrera, Raitala, Lovitz - Sagna, Piette, Shome, Azira - Okwonkwo, Jackson-Hamel, Taider.

Subs - Diop, Camacho, Diallo, Bayiha, Browne, Urruti, Novillo

TFC - Westberg - Auro, Bradley, Mavinga, Morrow - Altidore, Delgado, Gonzalez, DeLeon, Shaffelburg - Pozuelo

Subs - Bono, Fraser, Endoh, Mullins, Morgan, Zavaleta, Laryea.