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Can you see yourself as a published writer putting forth your views on Montreal Impact & The Beautiful Game?

MLS: Chicago Fire at Montreal Impact
There must be someone in here who can write ....
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports is a part of Vox Media, under the SB Nation umbrella.

It is primarily a Montreal Impact website, but also contains generic, worldwide soccer content, especially if it has a Montreal or Canadian connection.

It covers the large topics in World football, and features the Canadian national teams and the new Canadian Premier League.

It has average monthly page hit volume of around 10,000. The target is to double this activity by the end of the MLS season.

The CONTRIBUTOR position is un-paid, however it does provide students and anyone wishing to get into sports journalism with experience and an opportunity to become established with a readership following.

Ideally seeks candidates who are willing to provide 3-4 articles per week. They should be well-versed in the sport of soccer with a good knowledge of current events and past history. Proficiency in English or French with the ability to write an interesting story or report topical information quickly is a pre-requisite.

Primarily we seek ...

Someone to do quick hit/breaking news content?
Someone to do game day reports?
Someone to do deeper dive, more statistically/tactically oriented content?

Assignments will be provided weekly, taking into consideration each Contributor’s expertise and strengths. Contributors will also be given the freedom to create articles/stories based on their own initiative, so there is plenty of room for scope.

Anyone interested should contact the website’s Managing Director, Paul Vance, directly, providing an updated resume. A cover-letter describing their interests and motivations for wanting to become a CONTRIBUTOR is also preferred.

Candidates will be set a test assignment at the conclusion of the application process. Closing date for applications is Sunday 26 May 2019.

twitter – PaulVance63

Email –