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Calling All Montreal Soccer Fans

We want to feature your football story. Get in touch ...

Japan v Brazil - International Friendly
Fans - the lifeblood of our game ...
Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Calling all Montreal soccer fans .....

We’re beginning a new feature on our pages that highlights the stories of the most important of all football people - THE FANS!!!!

Without fans the game is nothing. And in Montreal, more than most cities on the globe, there’s a broad spectrum of fans from all over; Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and of course Canada and the US.

We all have our own football story to tell. Of how we grew up with the game, playing it or watching, the clubs we left behind when we came to Montreal, and the memories and passion we brought with us.

We’d like to feature fans from all over the world in a weekly series, who’ve come to settle in Montreal.

If you’d like to have your story told, or you know someone with something interesting to share, please just get in touch, and we’ll follow up.

My email address is attached to this article. Just click on my name below the headline. Please provide details of the country you come from, the club you support, and a few lines on why your story should be covered.

Look forward to hearing from you all.